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Thigh Deboner TD12

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  • Cost-effective and efficient deboning of thighs (drumsticks optional)
  • Making use of the industry-tested “diaphragm” principle, resulting in minimal meat loss during deboning
  • 12 working units provide a deboning capacity of up to 2400 pieces per hour
  • Optional knuckle saw which allows drumstick cutting with the same machine

The Drum and Thigh Deboner is specially designed to debone dark meat, meaning thighs and drums, in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The machine is based on the industry-tested “diaphragm” principle. The main parts of the deboning units are a rubber disc with a hole in it – the diaphragm – and a metal shaft which debones the meat. The anatomical cut thighs are placed on the diaphragms. The shaft then extrudes downwards to press the bone out of the thigh. The disc retains the meat, while the bone is pushed through the hole. In this process almost all meat is stripped off the bone, resulting in minimal meat loss during deboning. Efficient deboning allow for greater profitability.

  • Deboning capacity of up to 2400 pieces per hour
  • the machine is rotating, and has 12 units, and 12 diaphragms
  • The machine enclosure allows for a safe operation and meets modern safety standards and regulations.
  • Its construction allows for easy unloading of thighs and drums in crates or bins or a conveyor for product out-flow.
  • Designed with improved ergonomics in mind, cleaning and maintenance can be carried out easy and quickly.
  • Optional knuckle saw device to allow for drumstick cutting on the same deboner
  • Different size diaphragms can be utilized to accommodate for various thigh and drumstick sizes
  • the diaphragm can lasts 1 week, using proper, anatomical removed thighs.
    If the machine is loaded with miscut thighs (resulting with sharp knuckles, broken bones) the rubber will tear, and needs to be removed quicker.
    Attention, you must cut your birds a cut-up line with an anatomical leg processor, and with a anatomical drum/thigh cutter.
  • when he machine is loaded with misscut thighs (resulting with sharp knuckles, broken bones) the rubber will tear, and needs to be removed quicker.
  • the machine can handle thighs in a weight range from 80 to 250 grams/piece.
  • note: the legs/thighs will have to have the back-piece removed./ so a leg of an anatomically cut thigh, not from a leg-quarter
  • The range to be process in 1 batch should be in a 15% +- weight range (between minimum and maximum)
  • The diaphragm to be used depends on the thigh size and maturation, there are models with 10-11-12-14-15mm
  • Drums normally require a bigger size than thighs
  • the machine will be delivered with a set of 5 different diaphragms, to test which type suits you best

Thigh Deboner TD12


Capacity up to 2400 thighs per hour
Length 1500 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 1700 mm
Weight 418 kg
Installed power 0.25 kW