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  • Automatic Opener to automatically cut an opening from the vent to the breast of the bird.
  • Our automatic opener performs a clean, efficient cut.
  • No damage to intestines and reduced risk at cross contamination.
  • Cost-effective automation to increase productivity and reduce staff.
  • Capacity from 2000 to 6000 birds per hour depending on configuration/model.

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Depending on the number of working units the following capacities can be obtained:

  • up to 3000 birds per hour (7 units)
  • up to 6500 birds per hour (15 units)
  • up to 6000 birds per hour (14 units)

Our automatic opener performs a clean, efficient cut without causing damage to the intestines. It is vital to make a precise cut as to not cut or puncture the intestines. The main task of the opener is to enlarge the opening in the vent made by the Vent Cutter, to allow easy access for the eviscerating units of the Eviscerator. After each production cycle the opening units are cleaned to reduce the risk of contamination. The length of the opening cut can be adjusted to process different types / sizes of birds.


Opener OP15,8” Main characteristics

  • Ball shaped opening device is placed in the vent hole
  • Device will open by a guide track
  • Small knives placed in the units ensure a straight cut
  • Intestines are pressed downwards during the shearing movement to avoid damage
  • No cross contamination
  • Made of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials
  • Supplied with receiving bin and central drain
  • Safety sensor which automatically halts the evisceration line upon detecting a machine jam or breakdown, preventing further damage to the line
  • Height adjustment device



Capacity 6500 birds per hour
Live bird weight 900 – 3200 g (max weight variance in one flock is +/- 150g in case of live weight 700 – 1200 grams and +/- 300g in case of live weight 1200 – 1700 grams)
Number of units 15
Shackle pitch 8 inch
Length 1550 mm
Width 2260 mm
Height 2550 mm
Weight 350 kg
Water connection 1/2″ BSP
Water usage 0.5 m3/h