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  • Automatic Vent Cutter to automatically cut and remove the vent cleanly and efficiently
  • Cost-effective automation to increase productivity and reduce staff
  • No damage to intestines and reduced risk at cross contamination
  • Capacity from 500 to 6000 birds per hour depending on configuration/model

The Vent Cutter is the first machine in the automatic evisceration line. It has a cylindrical, rotating knife which is used to make a circular cut around the vent of the bird. When the knife withdraws, it pulls out the vent without damaging or cutting the intestines. In addition the Bursa of Fabricius, an organ in the cloaca area, is removed. Depending on the number of working units a capacity of up to 3000 (7 units), 6000 (14 units) or 6500 (15 units) birds per hour can be achieved. The Automatic Vent Cutter ensures an efficient, precise and clean cut without any damage or subsequent risks at contamination. While the number of processing units may vary, it is also possible to  operate with various knife sizes. Naturally, a larger bird requires a knife with a larger diameter and vice versa. After each production cycle, the units are cleaned to reduce the risk at cross contamination.


Main characteristics of the Vent Cutter VC6,12”

  • driven by an overhead conveyor
  • integral part of an automatic evisceration line
  • Specially developed to separate the vent, including Bursa of Fabricius, from the broiler without causing any damage
  • Optimum stretching of the broiler and separation of the Bursa
  • Completely mechanic process: vacuum is recommended for hygienic purposes
  • Safety sensor which automatically halts the evisceration line upon detecting a machine jam of breakdown, preventing further damage to the line
  • No damage to intestines and back
  • Automatic cleaning of vent cutting units
  • Made of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials
  • Supplied with receiving bin and central drain
  • Height adjustment device

VC6, 12”

VC6, 12”

Capacity 1750 birds per hour
Live bird weight 900-3000 grams
Numbers of units 6 units
Shackle pitch 12 inch
Length 1200 mm
Width 900 mm
Height 2350 mm
Weight kg
Water connection
Water consumption