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(Mobile) Hand Disinfection

The Hands-In (EHI) is an automatic dosing unit for hand disinfectant that contains alcohol which lowers the risk of containment during entering patient rooms and other rooms that require a high level of hygiene.

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  • When the hands are put in the interspace, sensors activate the spray nozzles above the hand that ensure a good atomization of the disinfectant.
  • Because of it’s compact design the Hands-In is compatible in a wide variety of rooms in healthcare.
  • Despite it’s compact design there is room for a 5 litre jerrycan.

Mobile Hand Disinfection In Practice

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Connectable to access control

The unit is delivered with a potential-free input contact, for connection with a turnstile for example. The Hands-In will only provide a release signal after successful dosing of the disinfectant on the hands. When an employee scans his access pass on the side of the unit, the access and release of the next room will be blocked by the Hands-In. When the employee has disinfected the Hands-In will remove the block and grant access.

Even product distribution

Conical shaped distribution will provide an even spread over the hands. This way of product distribution gets rid of the discomforts of ‘blob chemicals.’ An important
advantage of this sort of distribution is the minimal use of disinfectant.


  • Touch free dosing of disinfectant
  • Conical distribution of disinfectant on the hands
  • Suited for 5 litres of disinfectant
  • Can be connected to e.g. a door for access control
  • Widely employable with optional mobile frame