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Sole Cleaning and Hand Disinfection

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  • The DZW-HDT does two things at the same time: it cleans the soles and disinfects the hands. The rotating brushes are automatically humidified.
  • The hand disinfection is regulated by sensors. Spray nozzles above and underneath the hand ensure a good atomization of the disinfectant. After the hands have been disinfected, the turnstile will be released and one can proceed to the next room.
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Ergonomic design
  • 4-year warranty on brushes
  • Adjustable two-sided chemical dosing
  • Chemical level indicator

Options and Accessories

Built-in model

Can be connected to a

centralised chemical supply

Person and time registration

Product Videos

HACCP International certified

Adjustable settings

4 years warranty on brushes

Leading Products For The Food Industry

  • Hygienic
  • HACCP certified
  • Innovative
  • Durable
  • Leading in the industry

Sole Cleaning And Hand Disinfection In One

If you produce food products then hygiene is obviously a very important factor. Our sole cleaner and hand disinfection machine makes it possible to clean the soles of footwear and disinfect hands at the same time. So you can rest assured that your employees enter the production area in a hygienically clean state.

Automatic Sole Cleaning

By choosing a sole cleaning and hand disinfection machine, you’re choosing an innovative product. For example, the rotating brushes of the sole cleaner are wetted and activated fully automatically. What’s more, the brushes can be easily removed without any tools, so you don’t need to hunt around for spanners.

Food-Safe Hand Disinfection

Hand disinfection also works fully automatically by means of sensors. Spray nozzles above and below the hands ensure good dispersal of the disinfectant. This double-sided dosing of chemical is fully adjustable. You are also automatically shown the level of disinfectant, so you can see when it needs topping up. After the hands have been disinfected, the turnstile is released and the employee can proceed to the next room. This is extremely safe and ensures that no dirt or bacteria can enter your production area.