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Sole Cleaners

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  • Due to the low step of just 175 mm, the DZW is ergonomical to use. The brushes are automatically humidified and activated by means of sensors.
  • This ensures that energy consumption remains low. The DZW uses the right amount of chemicals, thanks to the sensors.
  • The splash protection prevents the space around the DZW becoming a mess.


  • By placing the sole of the shoe on the brush, while holding the handle at the same time, your shoes are cleaned quickly and efficiently.
  • The EZW works via a sensor on the grip. The unit is compact and therefore fits easily in smaller spaces.


  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Thrifty with chemicals
  • Sensor-controlled dosing
  • Chemical level indicator


  • 4-year warranty on brushes
  • Free choice of chemicals
  • Fast and effective cleaning
  • Thorough cleaning

* Right or left version

Options and Accessories

Built-in model

Can be connected to a

centralised chemical supply

Double rail

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