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Handling Systems

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  • When offering industrial washing systems, related handling systems are just as important. Our focus lies on the supply of total solutions.
  • That is why Elpress also offers a balanced product range in the area of stacking, destacking, turning modules and conveyor belts.

The Standard Operation


Depending on the layout and type of crate, stacking/destacking can be done both from below and from above. A distinction can be made here between low and high capacity stackers/destackers.

Conveyor belts

Depending on the application, Elpress makes us of plastic chain belts, modular plastic belts or friction conveyor belts. Using these in combination with the right controller makes the system efficient and reliable. The possibilities naturally include the use of optional turning units, pneumatic changers and stops.

Buffer zones

Buffer zones are where load carriers arrive sorted or unsorted and are washed by the handling system on request. Depending on the application, the load carriers can be distributed directly to the production line or stored in a cleaning buffer.