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Sole Disinfection and Hand Disinfection

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  • The installation is constructed of solid plates and profiles of stainless steel 304. The cabinet is easy to clean. By a large door the inside is well accessible for internal cleaning.
  • The tank is constructed with a slanting bottom, enabling a quick flow of water towards the drain when emptied.
  • At the back of the cabinet are drive of spraying arms, pump and eventually dosing pump in a blocked room. By removable hatches this room is accessible.
  • Energy efficient
  • After rinse program with clean water
  • After rinse with clean water
  • Adjustable washing program

Dimensions of the norm trolley according DIN 9797:

  • 790 x 675 x 700 mm (lxwxh)
  • 790 x 675 x 950 mm (lxwxh)

Depending on the pollution of the nom trolley the washing time can be adjusted up to 30 minutes maximum. After the main wash the norm trolley is rinsed during the after rinse with clean water to remove the residual detergents. On the after rinse is a reducer installed. After finishing washing program the door opens and the norm trolley is brought outside. It can be taken and the next one can be placed to clean.

Options and Accessories

Dosing pump

Vapour extraction

Steam injection

Hot water coil

Electric body

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