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Unloading Module

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  • Outside wash station
  • 180 degrees hock cutter
  • Overhead driven hock cutter
  • Intergraded bird counter

Multi Purpose Unloading Module

  • Outside wash station
  • 180 degrees hock cutter (overhead driven)
  • Intergraded bird counter

The unloading module is designed within the Pluck Play philosophy:

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to understand
  • And easy to buy 😜

What does that mean?

No architects to lay a plant out in your building, calculate roof- or floor loads, etc.

Extremely short installation time (see: Youtube)

No over-prized consultants to advice you how to design the line

No management meeting how to install a poultry processing line

No overpaid European Engineers, running around, to install and connect your equipment, as you can do it all yourself!!

And no loss of production time

Outside bird washer 2 Dual Sided Nozzle-rows
Bird-counter Combined trolley/bird registration
Hock-Cutter 180 deg Over Head Chain driven, 0.5kW ABI water resistant Stainless Motor
Hock Unloader Inline, overhead driven
Double Vertical Shackle Washer 2 x 0.5kW ABI water resistant Stainless Motors